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Research and Statistics Division (RSD)

(b) Statistics Unit

The Statistics Unit provides the Division with the necessary data to perform its functions. Additionally, via set schedules the Unit is responsible in disseminating information to other entities, including domestic print and visual media as well as external parties such as the IMF. In addition, the Unit advises the Division on any developments through statistical inference on compiled data.

The Unit is tasked in data collection in four sectors, namely:

(i) Monetary and Financial

Compilation, analysis and dissemination of monetary and financial statistics. Statistics are compiled in accordance with the IMF’s Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual (MFSM).

(ii) External

Responsible for compilation of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position data and related statistics as well as compilation of foreign exchange data. Statistics are compiled in accordance with the IMF’s sixth edition of the Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6).

(iii) Real

Compile real sector data through various sectors, with the main source being the National Statistics Bureau (NSB).

(iv) Government Finance

Consolidate fiscal data and maintain statistics on domestic public debt instruments.

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